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The Accountability Collective

What this community is about

Welcome to The Accountability Collective - a community of practice designed for white allies to continue their growth and accountability practices in disrupting anti-oppression. Whether you've undergone our anti-oppression cohort training or are a stakeholder who's invited us to train your organization, you're invited to connect with like-minded individuals in our evergreen resource.

At In.Visible Paradigms, we believe that allyship requires a community approach to hold ourselves accountable and leverage collective impact in upholding commitments to disrupting anti-oppression.

Our community provides a space for white allies to continue their growth and accountability practices, to connect with other members, and to support one another in our mission. We value growth, accountability, recognition, and transparency, and our community is designed to foster these values.

By being part of our community, you can cross-pollinate with other members, practice alternatives, and receive feedback to see the world differently. We're committed to personal transformation as a requirement of allyship, community of practice, and accountability.


Change doesn't happen in isolation. It happens with community and consistent participation or engagement. This community is really great for people that their personal reflections as a white ally but are looking to go further to dive deep see clear and disrupt oppression in their personal and professional lives.
For the consulting stakeholders - We created this community is for organizations to intentionally connect with others that are asking the same questions that are tackling the same issues or that have had successes in addressing certain parts of their DEI journey and sharing that with other organizations.

What you receive & contribute to

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Evergreen community of practice that will guide your allyship, growth and accountability for white allies

You're navigating  allyship with support and guidance.

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Access Exclusive Events and Curricula to Deepen Your Understanding of Allyship

Exclusive client round tables

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Connect with Like-Minded Peers for Personal and Collective Growth

A community of people that have common commitments and desire for growth

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Help Shape Our Community and Drive Meaningful Change

Polls, discussions and resources that inform the community

"Change doesn't happen in isolation."

-Brenda Herrera Moreno

See what our clients have to say 


If your community, organization, DEI committee, or X wants to be involved with our Accountability Collective they can reach out to

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