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Transformative Spaces
for White Allies & Majority White Organizations

In.Visible Paradigms is an anti-oppression organization that is committed to informing and transforming white community members to better integrate themselves into the anti-oppression community, work, and movement. 

Our trifecta for personal transformation

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Collective Transformation
Our Bread and Butter

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In our Anti-Oppression Cohorts for White Allies, we activate new skills and knowledge to see clear steps to disrupting oppression. 


We offer robust services to support your organization to realize its role in

anti-oppression. Anywhere from supporting DEI Committees, to organizational audits, 101 training, and advising on specific initiative support we move forward with our clients. 

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Continued Learning and Accountability

All consulting stakeholders and public training participants from our cohorts are invited to an internal community where events, commitment check-ins, and accountability through the community are hosted. 

Language is never neutral. 

A - Z Social Justice Terms

Upcoming Events

Ready to Dive Deep, See Clear and Disrupt?


Our Anti-Oppression Cohorts for White Allies – Cohorts inform and transform a collective of white allies to design personal strategies that reshape power and address the systemic inequalities that are operating simultaneously at internalized and interpersonal levels.


 Personal transformation for white allies is necessary to relationship and community movement building. This workshop will focus on activating self-reflexivity for white allies to activate, integrate, and deepen their role in movements for social and political change.  We'll discuss managing and decoding emotions, we'll learn practices to integrate and remain active in movements for change, and we will explore ways to activate interpersonal transformation and inspire other white allies in the struggle.


Small but Mighty: Organizational DEI for Small Businesses

D.E.I may not fit  squarely into the mission, vision or services of your company, but it’s personally important to you. In.Visible Paradigms and Consultants for Good are partnering to provide “Small but Mighty” workshop series on a distinct mission to empower small business owners and accountants to align their personal commitment for social justice with their business journey, fostering meaningful change.



Non-Negotiables for White Allies

Join the Spring Courses at The Soujourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership. 


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