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Anti-Oppression Consulting

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Discover the In.Visible Paradigms. We redefine what is possible and challenge conventional thinking regarding organizational allyship. 

Anti-Oppression Consulting is NOT:

  • One size fits all training after a DEI Audit.

  • Provide short-term solutions to long-term vision

Anti-Oppression Consulting IS:

  • Generative! One place of discomfort creates a path to an inclusive and better altnerative.

  • Dynamic and interconnected!

What we do

​We offer connected opportunities to support your organization wherever it may be on its anti-oppression journey. We move our clients forward through our services in consulting, training, or as growth partners. Our clients opt to do one or a combination of any of the services. We know that all this work is connected and want to make sure we meet our clients where

We center connection instead of client conversion.

We collaborate and strategize growth rather than maintain a client-consultant binary. We work with Boards, Leadership, emerging or existing DEI Committees, and small and medium-size organizations.


A bit of how we do it



We seek to activate opportunities to move through the proposed work with clarity. This is accomplished by the first convening where we outline clear expectations each holds regarding the proposed journey, forecast challenges, and refine the roadmap ahead.


Our approach to organizational consulting seeks to integrate anti-oppression rather than isolated "add-ons". We see our lives interconnected with this work and invite you to fully engage in this process vs. as detached administrators of this proposed work.


We believe cultural and structural dimensions are upheld by the individuals within them and therefore work from the personal level outward while engaging institutional-specific variables


Finally, we move forward with our clients along our process to sure organic strategy changes and collaborate on the growth rather than a client-consultant binary.


We do this intentionally to disrupt behavior or expectations about the consulting process that continuously center Whiteness, product over process, or false sense of urgency.

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