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About Us

In.Visible Paradigms is a woman of color owned and run anti-oppression organization that is committed to inform and transform white community members to better integrate themselves into the anti-oppression community, work, and movement. In.Visible Paradigms facilitates transformative spaces for white allies to deepen their commitment to the work, community and movement of anti-oppression.


In.Visible Paradigms was founded in 2018 as a call-to-action to the public response of white allies to the election of Trump and the national organization efforts of the Women's March. We responded by creating anti-oppression cohorts for white allies to develop personal anti-oppression practices and values to personally navigate the complexities and responsibility of disrupting white supremacy.


We specialize in curating training and consulting spaces for allies emerging or seeking to deepen personal growth in their anti-racism journey. We engage directly with oppressive practices and white supremacy in order to recognize our intimate role in unlearning and disrupting it.

Our Work is Rooted in...

Personal transformation as a collective practice. There is no change that happens in isolation.

Community over competition. We devote energy to what sustains change rather than operating with a scarcity mindset.

Deep commitment to interfering and disrupting white supremacy in our private and public lives.

Meet Our Team

Together, we design containers of growth and accountability. 

Catalysts for Transformation


Brenda Herrera Moreno  she/ella
CEO & Founder

Brenda identifies as an  anti-oppression practitioner. Born in Mexico City, but partially raised in India, travelled the world, middle school in South Carolina, high school in Wales, and college in Massachusetts.  After Hampshire College, Brenda experienced diverse roles in advocacy as a youth program coordinator at a refugee resettlement organization, later as a bilingual counselor for survivors and victims of intimate partner violence, and finally as peer recovery coach. Brenda identifies as a queer transnational woman of color.

"I am committed to go beyond the surface and facilitate transformative spaces for white allies to move forward in the journey of turning silence into language and action (Audre Lorde)"


Erin Shannon 

she/her, they/them
Lead Creative Strategist

Erin is an educator, artist, and therapist who began partnering with In.Visible Paradigms in 2019. She continues leading cohorts for white allies and strategizing creative ways to facilitate change.

"I have a love for fostering truth-telling among groups of people - especially in service of unlearning habituated white supremacy - and preferably using art and awareness of what’s happening in the body"


Alicia Ortiz 


Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

Alicia [a-Lee-cee-a] Alicia is a Boston-based speaker, educator, and musician who facilitates social action through interactive programs, dynamic coaching, and songwriting. With a community organizing background, she’s led direct action campaigns for workers’ rights, LGBTQ+ advocacy, reproductive justice, and racial equity. Alicia specializes in relational power dynamics through an anti-oppression lens and has worked with students, teachers, corporate teams and academic professionals...

Community Activators


Dave Thatcher

Community Activator

Davey is a gender-queer filmmaker and organizer who has been involved with In.Visible Paradigmsfor the past few years. In 2020 they graduated from one of the organization’s Anti-oppression Cohorts for White Allies and haven’t looked back. More recently Davey has been active in supporting the Accountability Collective, a transformative space for white-bodied folx to incorporate anti-oppressive practices into their lives through embodied practices, discussion and action-oriented work in the collective.

In.Visible Paradigm’s founder Brenda Herera Moreno and Lead Strategist Erin Shannon are also working closely with Davey in a consultation process to incorporate anti-oppressive practice, policies and culture into a new queer and BIPOC led media production company.


Gillian Grant 

Community Activator

Gillian is a lover of community who values the building of connections and relationships across organizations and individuals for social and systems change. She encourages everyone to bring their whole authentic selves with a mural curiosity for our individual humanity. She is a huge advocate for rest and finding joy. Gillian is often in nature enjoying the 300+ days of Colorado sunshine, hiking with her golden retriever, or crafting with friends. She also loves hugs, her family, coffee, French fries, and texting with emojis and gifs. 


Kari Burns

Community Activator

Kari is a Cis/White/Hetero/Female-identifying human excited to learn and grow in community. Dog mom, music-lover, documentary connoisseur. Currently living in the ancestral land of the Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute people in Colorado.

Professionally, Kari has worked as a creative in marketing/design and is passionate about community and nonprofit work. Kari is an In.Visible Paradigms alum and is excited to engage with and build relationships with others who are interested in disrupting racism and oppression within themselves and the spaces they live in.

Administrative Allies

SSA - Headshots - 2020 Nov (2 of 6).jpg

Remberto Rivera

Sunnyside Accounting

Remberto is In.visible Paradigms' bookkeeping and accounting partner. Sunnyside Accounting LLC is an accounting practice focused on solid client relationships that strives to provide dependable and trustworthy service while maintaining a modern and honest business approach. They believe that every business is as unique as their owner and that the individuality requires unique accounting services.


Djonna Mae Penados-Defeo 

Admin Manager

Djonna /dʒoʊˈnɑː/ - a versatile professional with expertise in executive and admin assistance, project management, customer and technical support, and so much more! With a passion for helping clients achieve their goals, she brings a sharp eye for detail and a reputation for dependability and adaptability to every project.

As an integral member of In.Visible Paradigms, Djonna provides top-notch support to our team, managing our database, coordinating projects, and providing administrative assistance. With a focus on clear communication, attention to detail, and a dedication to delivering results, Djonna is a valuable asset to our team and the clients we work with.

Our Partners

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Disrupt and Replace

Dandelions are key agents of transformation.
They detoxify the soil and replenish it with rich nutrients that others around them benefit from.

We take this lesson into our relationships with training members and consulting clients. As we aid in your anti-racism transformation we also help you connect with your responsibility as an ally.

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