About Us

In.Visible Paradigms is an woman of colored owned and run anti-oppression organization that is committed to inform and transform white community members to better integrate themselves into the anti-oppression community, work, and movement. In.Visible Paradigms facilitates transformative spaces for white allies to deepen their commitment to the work, community and movement of anti-oppression.


In.Visible Paradigms was founded in 2018 as a call-to-action to the public response of white allies to the election of Trump and the national organization efforts of the Women's March. We responded by creating anti-oppression cohorts for white allies to develop personal anti-oppression practices and values to personally navigate the complexities and responsibility to disrupting white supremacy. We specialize in curating training and consulting spaces for allies emerging or seeking to deepened personal growth in their anti-racism journey. We engage directly with oppressive practices and white supremacy in order to recognize our intimate role in unlearning and disrupting it.

Our Work is Rooted in...


Personal transformation as a collective practice. There is no change that happens in isolation.


Community over competition. We devote energy to what sustains change rather than operating with a scarcity mindset.


Deep commitment to interfering and disrupting white supremacy in our private and public lives.

Meet Our Founder

Hola comunidad!

I was born in Mexico City, but partially raised in India,

traveled the world, middle school in South Carolina,

high school in Wales, and college in Massachusetts.

After Hampshire College, I experienced diverse roles in

advocacy as a youth program coordinator at a refugee

resettlement organization, later as a bilingual counselor for

survivors and victims of intimate partner violence, and finally

as peer recovery coach. I’m constantly pulling from these personal and professional experiences to inform our collective responsibility to anti-oppression.

I started In.Visible Paradigms after the second Women’s March in Denver. Tired of irresponsible efforts led by white women in 2016  and witnessing white saviorism, as well as whitewashing of critical social justice movements, I took the time to reflect on my identities of privilege and oppression. I chose to host a space where white community members could do the same and personally understand their stake and identify their responsibilities in the movement, community, and work of anti-oppression.


As a creative, I find peace wheel-throwing pottery, cooking, and tending to my indoor jungle. I plan on getting a Masters in Organizational and Social Psychology by 2024.


Brenda Herrera Moreno

She| Her| Hers 

“Without community, there is no liberation...but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”

Audre Lorde

Our work takes place on the stolen land of turtle island. We recognize that we work and live on the land of the Massadchueset, Pawtucket, Arapaho, Cheyenne DDiné Bikéyah, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ tribes. 

In.Visible Paradigms

50 Milk Street, Floor 15

Boston, MA 02130

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