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Photo: Hannah Skewes

"In.Visible Paradigms navigated a delicate line between understanding 'where we were coming from' and challenging us to change our way of thinking. The facilitator was respectful yet firm. It was sometimes hard to hear, but when I finally understood her point of view, it was eye opening and extremely impactful. I can't unsee what In.Visible Paradigms has shown me." - Cohort Participant

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All that you touch, 

You change. 

All that you change, 

Changes you. 

- Octavia E. Butler

Art by: Mitra Ghaffari

The purpose

Inform and transform a collective of white allies to curate strategies to shape power and address the systemic inequalities that are operating simultaneously at internalized and interpersonal levels.​

These anti-oppressive practices are used across relationships and within call-to-actions.

Art work by: Mitra Ghaffari

At a glance

  • Collective space for 10 to 12 White allies to develop and deepen personal anti-oppressive practices. You'll gain foundational perspectives, knowledge, and skills necessary to identify and disrupt Whiteness within yourself and your community. 

  • 5 Bi-weekly sessions. Each session is 2hrs long. 

  • You'll be integrated to our Accountability Collective community on Slack. This is where previous participants of our cohorts and select consulting clients engage in bi-weekly meetings. The Accountability Collective is an evergreen container of growth, continued practice and accountability.

  • The cohort joruney begins with introducitons and practices to key frameworks in anti-oppression and somatic wisdom. The journey deepens as relationships form accross members, inter-session activities to practices with those in your life, and we bridge pen to paper to seal lessons-learned. 

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