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Photo: Hannah Skewes

"In.Visible Paradigms navigated a delicate line between understanding 'where we were coming from' and challenging us to change our way of thinking. The facilitator was respectful yet firm. It was sometimes hard to hear, but when I finally understood her point of view, it was eye opening and extremely impactful. I can't unsee what In.Visible Paradigms has shown me." - Cohort Participant

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All that you touch, 

You change. 

All that you change, 

Changes you. 

- Octavia E. Butler

Art by: Mitra Ghaffari

The purpose

Inform and transform a collective of white allies to design personal strategies that reshape power and address the systemic inequalities that are operating simultaneously at internalized and interpersonal levels.​

Art work by: Mitra Ghaffari

The Journey

The cohort journey begins with introductions and practices to key frameworks in anti-oppression and somatic wisdom. The journey deepens as relationships form across members, and inter-session activities to integrate with your life.

  • Five bi-weekly sessions, each session is two hours. Breaks, relational practices, and practicums throughout the course. 

  • Multi-modal and interactive newsletters in between sessions to support connections and call-to-actions.

  • Questions we indulge in:

    • What are the personal costs of white supremacy?

    • What sustains my silence and how will I disrupt it among my relationships?

    • What antidotes further my allyship?

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The Community 

Finally, you'll be integrated to our Accountability Collective. This is where previous participants of our cohorts and select consulting clients engage in ongoing gatherings. The Accountability Collective is an evergreen container of growth, continued practice, and accountability.
*If you want more information, check out our Accountability Collective tab.
*Your membership is already built into the price of the course fee.

The Expectation

Change requires energy. As such, we support members develop practices to deepen allyship and personal accountability. We guide all through a journey that incorporates their work, relationships and personal lives to sustain anti-oppression commitments. 

The Course Fee

We offer three options for individuals to register for the course. Organizations paying on behalf of their staff or members to attend have two organizational rates to select from. For now, we do offer the flexibility to pay the first half of your selection at the beginning, to secure your spot. And we'll schedule the last half before the last session. Please consider the following guides to determine which rate is equitable to your circumstance.

  • Do you have others that depend on your income?

  • Is it feasible to take a sabbatical or extended time-off from work?

  • Are you and your family homeowners or landowners?

  • Have you or do you expect to inherit money or property?

  • Do you have zero to no debt and/or do you have disposable income?

  • Org Interest Only: Does the highest-paid person in your organization make $30-$50k/year?

  • ​Org Interest Only: Is your organizational budget between $500k and 1.5M? 

  • Org Interest Only: Can your organization regularly pay for staff to attend professional conferences?

  • ​Org Interest Only: Does your organization have multiple offices (local or international)?

We are currently redesigning our curriculum to live into the purpose of the cohorts. The session format,overall structure, and course fee will be announced in our email listerv. 

"...[the cohorts] changed the perspective and the lenses through which I look at the world in one of the most fantastic ways."

We are rejuvenating our curriculum at the moment. Please sign up to our cohort listserv below to be notified when we launch new cohorts this year!

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