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"In.Visible Paradigms takes you through emotional and painful issues with honesty and mindfulness. It challenges what you thought you knew about yourself belief system and makes you take a deep dive into uncomfortable spaces. It helped me be more intentional and thoughtful in my interaction with others and to keep learning and working to use my privilege in ways that contribute to those around me."

Kerry O'Grady | Community Organizer | Cohort

"I loved having a space to ask tricky questions and dive into topics I wanted to know more about. I liked having specific readings/things to watch between sessions to guide discussion and enrich my own knowledge. I like that the group was intergenerational and consisted of folks I may not normally meet."

Cohort Participant

"It has been illuminating and painful to discover how unaware I have been of so many things. I'm someone who has cared deeply about oppression and racism since childhood and my own ignorance is appalling. Looking forward to continue to educate myself and act on new knowledge."

Workshop Participant

"In.Visible Paradigms learnings continue to bubble up in my life. I am constantly bringing up how my white friends can be more actionable and aware of our power, and that we have less of a stake when standing up for justice and equity than those people of color. That being racist does not make us bad people, we are socialized to be racist, how are we counteracting these racist tendencies overtly?"

Gillian G. | Non-Profit Management | Cohort

"In work, we changed our handbook and values to reflect a culture that does not buy into white supremacist ideals. In my personal life, I shared these characteristics with friends and have worked to make sure I am not following these beliefs and we all call each other out regularly when we are practicing white supremacist beliefs and work to change that."

Alysse O. | Community Building | Workshop

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