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Who We Are

Welcome to In.Visible Paradigms!


The work of anti-oppression and anti-racism is centuries old. This work/movement/community requires everyone to play a role and as a result, this work/movement/community is within everyone of us and is simultaneously bigger than us. 

As a result,  my work through In.Visible Paradigms, is carrying  generational, spiritual, and healing wisdom that white allies can benefit from to disrupt oppression. It is not enough to simply consume terminology, read White Fragility, attend Diveristy, Inlusion and Equity workshops. The work I accomplish through In.Visible Paradigms invites white allies to reflection, remain curios, integrate and amplify the movement within other white community members. 

In.Visible Paradigms is described as a crash course on anti-oppression or a white allyship 101. It aims to make white allies understand that this work/movement/community is nonlinear and constantly challenges us to bridge the internal to the external. 

Our Approach





Where We Exist

Denver, Colorado

Photo by Meryl Colton, MD

Boston, Massachusetts 

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash