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LAUREN B.  | Young Professional  | Cohort 4

Before I participated in the program I thought that I already knew so much about social issues...needless to say I had no idea about all of the information and nuance that I was missing! Brenda expertly and compassionately guided us through tough conversations that to this day impact my thoughts and actions. IP was an incredibly positive experience in my life and I can't recommend it enough!

MELISSA J.  | Non-Profit Board Director  | Cohort 3

I am extremely grateful for this unique opportunity to expand my horizons and perspectives with this program. The Paradigms program helped me improve my understanding of how to be a better and more effective ally and supporter. Interacting with others going thru the journey was very helpful as we explored our questions and thoughts in a safe and welcoming space.

KAREN H.  | Small Business Owner  | Cohort 3

Eye opening, challenging, supportive, honest. What was most impactful was learning to view the world with a new and deeper understanding of the institutional power structures and receiving tools to start dismantling and restructuring those monoliths one conversation at a time. Receiving support and ideas about what I could take action on to make a difference.

KERRY O'G | Retired Federal Employee | Cohort 3

In.Visible Paradigms is a game changer. It is a comfortable space to let yourself be uncomfortable and challenge what you thought you knew about yourself, others and the culture we live in. In.Visible Paradigms takes you through emotional and painful issues with honesty and mindfulness. It challenges what you thought you knew about your belief system and makes you take a deep dive into uncomfortable spaces. It helped me be more intentional and thoughtful in my interaction with others and to keep learning and working to use my privilege in ways that contribute to those around me.


Thinking about what could be appropriation. Recognizing white fragility. Learning about the different layers (4 I's) of oppression. Talk about derailing conversation and encouragement to be assertive and stop it when conversation is being taken off course.

SHARON H.  | Business Owner | Cohort 1

Brenda is an amazing facilitator. She is exceptionally gifted at holding a safe space for people that want to explore tough topics on white privilege, racism, white savior syndrome, and much more. She doesn’t get defensive when confronting tough topics. She has a passion and talent for helping people gain a greater awareness of their internal biases and how they affect our day-to-day interactions with people with less privilege. Learning more about my own personal privilege and how it relates to being a woman of color. How this has shaped my views of people and the world.