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Here's the Schedule:

  • October Friday 18th, 2019 - 5:30pm- 7:30pm,

  • October Saturday 19th, 2019 - 10am - 3pm

  • October Sunday 20th, 2019 - 10am - 3pm


Workshop Community: 25 Participants


Where We'll Be:

THE COOP ON 1ST | 5045 W 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80219

*ADA Accessible and Parking Available on Location.

*Registration Cost: $240 OR $280. If your work is paying for this opportunity, we ask that orgs pay the full amount. Payment will be done via Paypal. WE HAVE ONE SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE!

We are currently offering ONE scholarship to anyone who identifies as working class, single parent, in recovery, a member of LGTBTQIA+ community, and/or living with a disability.


Registration  Extended Deadline: Oct. 11th, 2019



RSVP will be completed through Google Form that includes the following pages:

  1. Full Name, Gender Pronouns, Email & Phone, AND Food Allergies (We'll be providing breakfast for both days and lunch for one of the days.)

  2. Payment Option and Link

  3. An Opportunity to Ask Questions. I'll be sure to connect with you.

*Payment plans available. 

Bridging Internal to External

We all have a role in anti-oppression. This workshop invites white participants to recognize and disrupt barriers to their role in anti-oppression. The workshop aims to create community between participants and bridge gaps. The workshop traces the following questions:


Am I simply grasping this or attempting to hold it?


What is this teaching me?


Where I'm I seeing this?


How can I share it?

We will be exploring the difference between Self-Reflection and Self- Reflexivity, core principles of anti-oppression and exploring the question "What sustains White Silence?"

Shayla Monterio

  Roshan      Bliss   

Erin Shannon


Herrera Moreno